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The Sugar Free Drink Methodology

         Hello there. If you're interested I'd like to share with you the review methodology that I use. It's fairly straightforward and starts with a quick product description followed by the nutritional values and ingredients. The "meat and potatoes" of each review is the scorecard for each product. This scorecard is an overall rating of quality based on four different categories which include Taste, Packaging Waste, Value and most importantly the Health Factor. Energy drink reviews have an additional fifth category titled Does it Work. There is a maximum of 1 point to be earned in any of those categories with the possibility of point deductions or bonuses when a sugar free product is either a little deficient or well above the industry standard in any particular area. So what's a good score? Sugar free drinks that rate at a total score of 3.00 points (4.00 points for energy drinks) and have a Health Factor score of .50 and above are generally worth your time, but keep in mind that's just a guideline to help you decide what you'd like try and what you may want to avoid.


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