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AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea Sugar Free Drink Mix Review

Updated Review Date: 06/04/2017
Original Review Date: 03/27/2012

         If you're into iced teas then you've probably heard about AriZona brand Iced Tea at some point since its introduction back in the early 1990s. Many would agree, including yours truly, that AriZona does make some fantastic teas, but how does the company's sugar free powdered version of Pomegranate Green Tea hold up under scrutiny? Today we'll find out...
         Considering that this flavor has no calories or carbohydrates worth mentioning, we're off to a good start. Add some antioxidants and its getting even better. For toppers it's low in sodium, has no artificial colors and contains only natural flavors. A plus for some and a negative for others, there is a little caffeine, but it's considerably less than regular black tea. Given all these factors it appears to be a smart choice for anyone watching their diet or looking to avoid sugar altogether, but let's wait and see how it fares on the scorecard coming right up.
          AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea is available in canister packs and boxes of individual Tea Stix. The canister packs (if you can find them) contain 6 individual tubs of drink mix, each of which makes 2-quarts. The Tea Stix are available in boxes of 10 or 30, and each Tea Stix flavors one 16 - 20oz bottle of water. Both the canister tubs and tea stix versions were used for this review, and there is no flavor difference when using the recommended amount of water. This particular flavor might be hard to find locally, but the boxes of AriZona Pomegranate Green Tea Stix are readily available at Amazon
         OK, time to move on and put this flavor through the paces.

Nutrition Info for AriZona Sugar Free Pomegranate Green Tea Drink Mix

Per 8oz. prepared, regarless of the packaging type, each serving of Pomegranate Green Tea mix contains:

Calories: 0
Sodium: 20mg
Sugars: 0g
Carbohydrates: 0g
Total Fat: 0g
Caffeine: 7.5mg

Ingredients of AriZona Sugar Free Pomegranate Green Tea Drink Mix

Instant Green Tea, Honey Powder, Citric Acid, Vegetable Juice, Natural Flavors, Maltodextrin (Contributes a Dietetically Insignificant Amount of Sugar), Malic Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Ginseng Extract.

The Scorecard for AriZona Sugar Free Pomegranate Green Tea Drink Mix

Based on a four point rating system, here's how this flavor of AriZona Green Tea scores:

Taste: Outstanding. I noticed the naturally sweet and crisp bite of pomegranate which did not overpower the green tea taste. The flavor does seem accurate to me as I drink fresh organic green tea daily and occasionally do squeeze some pomegranate seeds into it (pomegranate is quite good in black tea too), so I'm using those tastes to judge by. Of Course it's not as good as the real thing but it's about as close as you can get in a powdered mix. I had no aftertaste with the Splenda (sucralose) and acesulfame potassium combination, nor did three other taste testers. (+1)

Packaging Waste: The interior and exterior packaging for the canisters is fully recyclable, but only the exterior packaging is recyclable for the Tea Stix. In your area the interior plastic foil of the Tea Stix may or may not be recyclable; you'll have to locate a recycling center or drop off that specifically takes plastic wrappers if you want to recycle them.(+1 for the canisters, +.5 for the Tea Stix)

Value: AriZona Sugar Free Pomegranate Green Tea is competitively priced per unit regardless of packaging, and the overall amount of product per package (12-quart canisters and 10-packet boxes) is in line with the industry average. (+1)

Health Factor: Like the other flavors of AriZona Teas, there's nothing odd as far as ingredients go. There are only a handful of ingredients besides the instant tea and no preservatives or artificial colors, plus it has antioxidants. One issue to note though: If you have sensitivity to Ginseng extract or caffeine you might want to avoid this flavor, since it does contain small quantities of both. There's a touch of maltodextrin in the mix but it's dietetically insignificant, unless you drink more than 5 glasses at once, and well within the limit of a "free" food in the food exchange system. (+1)

Overall Rating: 4 out of 4 for the AriZona Sugar Free Pomegranate Green Tea Drink Mix canisters and 3.5 out of 4 for the Tea Stix. Since the canister packs achieve a perfect score they win the coveted Golden Cup Award, which is the second time an AriZona drink mix has done so. I highly recommend this product to anyone that likes flavored green teas and doesn't want the hassle of having to prepare it from scratch.

AriZona Sugar Free Pomegranate Green Tea Drink Mix - Winner of The Golden Cup Award

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