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AriZona Lemonade Stix Sugar Free Drink Mix Review

Updated Review Date: 06/01/2017
Original Review Date: 03/18/2012

         AriZona Beverages USA makes more than iced or green teas and their popular lemonade mix is what's on the review menu today. It's sweetened with Splenda and is calorie free, so it's a great alternative for both diabetics and dieters looking for a naturally flavored lemonade product. It's also caffeine free and low in sodium. Currently, sugar free AriZona Lemonade Stix are available in boxes of 10 or 30 individual Tea Stix, and each Tea Stix flavors one 16 - 20oz bottle of water.
         With that super-brief summary in hand, let's turn our attention to the review details...

Nutrition Information for AriZona Sugar Free Lemonade Stix

Per 1/2 packet of Tea Stix (8oz. prepared), each serving of AriZona lemonade mix contains:

Calories: 0
Sodium: 25mg
Sugars: 0g
Carbohydrates: 2g
Total Fat: 0g
Caffeine: 0mg

Ingredients of AriZona Sugar Free Lemonade Stix

Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Maltodextrin, Sucralose, Lemon Juice Solids, Acesulfame Potassium, Vegetable Juice for Color.

The Scorecard for AriZona Sugar Free Lemonade Stix

According to the four point rating system, here's how AriZona Lemonade scores:

Taste: Very Good but not perfect. The natural lemon flavor tastes great and the mix has considerable bite just like a good lemonade drink should. However, I noticed a slight bitter aftertaste from the mix, but not the type you'd expect from lemonade - this was more of a plain bitterness. I suspect the aftertaste is from a little too much citric acid or from the sodium citrate rather than the sweetener combination. I had three other friends taste test the mix and one of them noticed a similar aftertaste, whereas two did not. I thought it might be something I had previously eaten interfering with taste so I did a few different taste tests throughout the day but unfortunately the slight aftertaste remained. It definitely wasn't enough to prevent enjoying the drink and you might not even notice it at all since taste is so subjective. (+.75)

Packaging Waste: The overall packaging for the Tea Stix is not excessive and its exterior box is completely recyclable. However, as is the case with most "On The Go" type of packaging, the interior foil-plastic packets may or may not be recyclable where you live. (+.5)

Value: On average, AriZona Sugar Free Lemonade Stix are usually priced equal to or a bit lower than many other 10-packet On The Go lemonade products, so here it gets top score. (+1)

Health Factor: Nothing odd or suspect in the ingredients in my opinion. There are a couple of ingredients which may or may not seem unfamiliar to you, but they're actually quite benign. The sodium citrate, which we can sometimes see in the more "tart" types of drink mixes, is used as both a preservative and for tart flavoring. The potassium citrate helps to control acidity, and the maltodextrin (a type of sugar) provides bulk for all the ingredients to mix into evenly. While maltodextrin is indeed a sugar, the amount used in the mix is dietetically insignificant and well within the range for a "free food" in the food exchange system. For the most part there's relatively few ingredients overall and this is always a welcome sight. (+1)

Overall Rating: 3.25 out of 4. Not too bad at all and definitely worth a try if you're a lemonade lover, considering its low price and good health factor rating.

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