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About Sugar Free Drink

           The goal of is to offer you informative and unbiased sugar free drink reviews along with some useful, quick reading articles about the relevant topics of a sugar free lifestyle. Any proceeds from advertising on the website help keep it running and allow us to donate most of what's left over to the American Diabetes Association.

           The main motivator behind this site is my father Fred, who has diabetes and survived a heart attack in late 2008 and a stroke in early 2009 as a result of the disease. As his diet changed after the incidents our family soon realized that everything matters in a lifestyle change, even the small things like what to drink at mealtime and for enjoyment. It's been a real challenge to find drinks that Fred enjoys, and after sampling what seemed like an uncountable number of products I thought perhaps others could benefit from the experience. That thought gave me the initial idea for the site and here we are today.

           Fred is still going strong; his Type II diabetes has been reversed through diet and exercise, and he's made wondrous strides in recovering from the stroke. He still enjoys sampling various sugar free drinks and is a contributor with a clear opinion on the "Taste" category for nearly every review. Other taste test contributors besides Fred and myself who lend a tongue include Daniel, Joyce, Al, Brian, Kristen, and Debby. Without all their help we just wouldn't have an accurate score in the "Taste" category of our product reviews, so hats-off to the taste testers for pitching in.

           If you're a diabetic or someone who has chosen a sugar free lifestyle for any reason, I hope you find the site useful. And, if you're interested in helping with the fight against diabetes, consider becoming an advocate for the ADA. More people are always needed to raise awareness and contribute to improving the quality of life for diabetics and those that have serious health issues as a result of the disease.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the website.



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