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The Sugar Free Drink Spotlight:

Unsweetened Kool-Aid Drink Mixes Photo

In the spotlight this time are the longest standing iconic members of the Kool-Aid family. Have a peek at the consolidated review for All Flavors of Unsweetened Kool-Aid Drink Mixes.

Sugar Free Drink Updates and News:

July 2, 2017: There's 11 new sugar free drink reviews on the way for July including: two Stur Liquid Water Enhancers, three Crush Liquid Water Enhancer flavors, three more 4c Totally Light drink mixes, two Wyler's Light drink mixes, and one AriZona drink mix. BUT first the site needs a bit of a redesign, which is currently underway. The site redesign and new reviews should be all set by mid August.

June 28, 2017: All sweetener articles in the articles section are now updated to reflect the most current information available.

June 24, 2017: The Stevia Facts and Safety, and the Aspartame Facts and Safety articles have been thoroughly updated.

Permalinks For Diabetics and Diabetes Prevention:

The American Diabetes Association - One of the most comprehensive websites in existence for information and resources about diabetes and making a change towards a sugar free lifestyle. There are also opportunities to get involved and help advocate the fight against diabetes (check out the advocacy link on the main page).

Joslin Diabetes Center - Affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Joslin Diabetes Center is another high-quality resource for diabetes information, self-care management and insight into the cutting edge research of diabetes.

CDC Diabetes Public Health Resource - A useful collection of resources including FAQs, diabetes trend data, a wide assortment of educational information, special programs for diabetics and a comprehensive press (news) release section. Also of interest to many people are the diabetic recipe booklets which can be downloaded as .pdf documents.

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